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It’s Revolutionary

on January 6, 2012

We are currently studying the American Revolution in our reading and social studies lessons in my 5th grade class. Today we started on some independent research about a person from the Revolutionary War era. I have to admit that I love a “foldable.” There’s nothing that helps control copies and shows students that you can learn without a generated worksheet like a foldable. This one required 1 sheet of regular paper, cut in half vertically. I layered the two halves in a staggered way and then folded them horizontally. This gives students 4 mini-pages to write on. The cover will be an illustration that represents the person, the second page provides biographical information, the third layer has 5 interesting facts about the person and the back sheet will house a paragraph describing how this person was significant in the American Revolution. The kids really dove into their research today! I can’t wait to update this post next week with the students completed research. I am also planning to spend the next few days sharing some of the projects and resources I am using in this unit.

Although these two sites are a bit tough on the eyes, in my opinion, they had a lot of valuable information for the students and had a good readability level for my students.

Kid Info’s Site on the American Revolution

The American Revolution – People


Coming tomorrow… Liberty’s Kids! If you don’t know about this show and you teach 4-8 graders and American history, you need to come back!


3 responses to “It’s Revolutionary

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  2. Melissa says:

    I am really enjoying how you are sharing your awesome ideas. Here is something from Wonderopolis about George Washington that also pulls in legends and myths:

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