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Parent Communication

on January 15, 2012

I am a firm believer in positive parent communication. I try to send good news to all of my parents throughout the year. But, I admit it, I am terrible about making phone calls. Something always happens and I forget, or it’s too late, or I’ve left the phone numbers at home. I finally developed a solution.

Have you ever gotten a stack of “A Note From Your Teacher” postcards that you really meant to use? Here’s your chance. At the start of a new quarter or Mailboxsemester, I get a postcard for each of my students. I address and stamp them and put them on my desk. Throughout the nine weeks, as the student does something “note-worthy” all I have to do is write the quick message and then drop the postcard in the school mailbox. A few days after I send a note, my student always comes in and mentions how they got the postcard. I’ve learned over time that it isn’t what you write or the event that you choose to reference. It is the fact that you send the note.  By addressing them all ahead of time, I don’ t lose track of who I’ve sent the notes too, and I don’t worry about leaving someone out. By keeping them on my desk, they are also another reminder to keep myself always looking for the best in my students! And, if you are bit geeky like me, I love making my own postcards too.


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