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An Idea

on January 27, 2012

OK, so I’m throwing this idea out into the universe and am hoping that I can make it happen. The fifth grade curriculum in North Carolina has students explore the 50 states of the United States. I was trying to think of a creative and engaging way to do this during this school year. In the past, I’ve done everything from reports to parade floats to power point presentations. This year, thanks to the recent changes to Facebook’s timeline, I’m thinking that the 50 states may get Facebook pages. So, if a state were to have a Facebook page, what would it look like? I’m working on a mock page for North Carolina (our home state) to get some ideas straight to show my students.

What do you think? What would the Facebook page of a state include? Classtools has their own version of a Fakebook page. I’m debating using this one or what I want to do. It’s lacking the timeline component, which is I think is important to this project. I could use it and just use “posts” to reflect events, since you can manipulate the dates. I like how you can reorder the posts once you have them in. I’m a bit wary of the “automatic image insertion” but you can add your own.

Here’s what I’ve come up with as a starting point… please offer suggestions!


One response to “An Idea

  1. Great idea! I’ve used Fakebook with my junior high students. The 5th graders in our school participate in Mystery State Skype where students write 10-20 facts about their state and share them with the class they are skyping with. The class tries to guess their state and can ask Yes or No questions. It’s short and fun! Here’s a link:

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