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Guess the Wordle

on January 28, 2012

Today at DEN SciCon 2012, Lance Rougeaux did a great webinar reminding teachers of ways to engage students. One section focused on the inferencing activity, Guess the Wordle. Jen Wagner has created many of these activities and they are available at her site If you are just getting started with it, check out her examples. I started a collection of these a few years ago and love using them with my students. Many kids struggle with the ability to put clues together and draw conclusions based on what they say. Guess the Wordle is an excellent way to bring in this activity when you have a minute or two in transitions, or as a part of a direct curricular connection. Using a screen capture option, like SMART Notebook capture, makes it easy to keep a bunch of Wordles together for just such an occasion. Here are a few of my favorite ones to use with my students…
Guess the section of the newspaper:

Guess the historical event:



Guess the fairy tale:



Guess the Wordle activities are awesome! By the way, they are great for student work, too. But that’s another day!



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  1. Thanks for the shout out —
    and the kind words

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