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on January 30, 2012

If you are a looking for an excellent clearinghouse of ready-to-use technology tools in your classroom, look no further than Here are some of my favorite tools in the ClassTools toolbox.


The Random Name PickerMy students call this the fruit machine. You can input any list of terms, and the Fruit Machine button will convert them into a slot machine style picker. I have used it with everything from multiplication facts to partner pickers with student names to vocabulary terms for a review session. The kids don’t argue with the groups is generates or the terms they get because they see it as completely fair!


FakebookThere are several versions of Fakebook out there now, but hopefully this one won’t be blocked in your school. It doesn’t access ones that others have created so you don’t have to worry about dubious content. Students can save their work and come back to it later and don’t have to register. They just need to decide on a password. My students are getting ready to start on creating Fakebook pages for the 50 states, but shhh! don’t tell them yet.


TimerThere are lots of free countdown timers on the internet that are great for use with your projector/whiteboard so students can see just how much time they have for an activity. If you are like me, it’s just as helpful for keeping me on track! The ClassTools timer is no exception. It’s easy to access and easy to use!


There are oodles more resources at ClassTools that you will love. I apologize in advance for taking up several hours of your time in the coming days as you explore. Share your favorites!


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