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Super Bowl Math

on February 3, 2012

My fifth grade students are working hard on math this year, and I am at a point where we are tying in a lot of mixed problem solving. Super Bowl time is a perfect way to address some of this in a fun, engaging way. Here are some resources I found!


I love this sheet because it requires research, problem solving and critical thinking!



Check out this football facts worksheet from Education World

to be used as an internet activity


This Super Bowl Math Activity Pack is great for a long term project that takes kids into an in-depth study of some of the more advanced math of the Super Bowl. Check it out!



Or check out this great Livebinder of football resources… and, by the way, I’m totally doing a post on Livebinders tomorrow!


Football Math and Other Activities

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  1. […] in my post about  Super Bowl math, I mentioned Livebinders as a resource I use quite a bit. If you haven’t seen Livebinders […]

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