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What Do Good Readers Do – Visualizing

on February 6, 2012

This week in class, I am using a read-aloud each day to remind students about things good readers do. Today we focused on visualizing as a good strategy. I handed each student a 4 x 11 sheet of paper (this is the fancy way of saying I cut regular paper in half hot dog style). They folded it quarters to make a comic strip. I read aloud “The Girl Who Married the Moon,” stopping after every few paragraphs to have the students draw what they saw in their minds. We talked about what key elements they should be visualizing (like after paragraph one, the students should see two girls looking up at the moon from the beach). The kids were amazing, and we had a great time comparing our illustrations at the end to see how similar many of them were. This strategy works great when you just have a few minutes or a full reading block. Drawing skill doesn’t matter. It’s about being able to chose the most important details that you need to put together in order to have understanding of a story. Here a few more resources on visualization as a reading strategy:

From “Into the Book” – Visualizing

From “Like to Read” – Visualize

From “Classroom Freebies” (for the younger students) – I Ate Too Much Turkey

From “Read Write Think” – Sketch to Sketch

From “The Learning Pad” – Visualizing Lessons

If you want to use “The Girl Who Married the Moon“, I stopped in the following places in the story:

After paragraph 1: two girls looking up to the moon on the beach

After paragraph 4: two girls on beach talking to a strange man, noting somehow that the man is the moon

After paragraph 5: one girl falling back to Earth and the other being carried to the moon by the man

After paragraph 16: girl hiding from her husband with the almost full moon stuck on her face



As an extension, tomorrow we are going to use our “comic strips” of visualization to aid in retells of the story. Yay for summarizing!


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