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Read Alouds

on February 10, 2012

My student teacher, who is in her first semester of her internship, is doing one lesson per week with our students. This week, she did a read-aloud with our fifth graders on symbiotic relationships between animals with the book Weird Friends. It was important to me that at some point this semester she do at least one read aloud. While it seems like the easiest thing in the world, a read-aloud is a unique challenge.  A read-aloud is a chance to model good reading strategies and meta-cognition for our students. It’s essential to think about the things that readers do before, during and after reading and work through them with every read-aloud.


I love this strategy from Kathy Bumgardner, and she has free access to the pdf files to make your own. She has designed a collection of think clouds that you can print, laminate and attach to sticks for the students to use. As you read aloud, you can raise different think clouds and respond. While you are reading, your students can also demonstrate their thinking strategies by raising a think cloud to show that they are thinking something related to the reading. You can print them in regular size (full page) or mini (4 per sheet). I like the mini ones for students and the big ones for me.



Check out these great lists of read-aloud strategies…

The Before, During and After Approach

Read Aloud Strategies

Guidelines for Read Alouds from Scholastic

Think Clouds




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