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on February 15, 2012

Check out these other great blogs by and for educators for some excellent thoughts and ideas. I love how so many teachers are participating in global sharing as a way to improve their own teaching and to help others. Here are a few of my favorites…


The Organized Classroom Blog: The motto here is “Less Stress, More Effectiveness.” Anything that tries to help me with that has to be great. At The OCB, they are constantly aggregating information and passing it along for teachers in a way that is easy to follow and find what you need.


Corkboard Connections: This blog is hosted by Laura Candler, and it’s where I find out about lots of her freebies. She sends out weekly newsletters, shares great ideas and helps facilitate conversations among educators. If you ever get a chance to check her out in action, don’t miss it.


Pinterest: So, yes, I know that Pinterest isn’t a blog. It is an awesome place to discover buried treasures of ideas and plans for any educational occasion. I am totally addicted to Pinterest for all things home, family and school.


Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers: Keeping up with Tammy Worcester requires a seat belt and helmet. Her technology tips run the gamut from novice to expert and one computer classrooms to one-to-one initiatives. Her blogs breaks down her tips in easy to digest pieces.


Discovery Education Universal Blog: I love the DEN blogs. Of course, I am kind of partial. Passionate educators from around the blog are constantly sharing amazing ideas, tips, tricks, and opportunities for educators. There are also state-specific resources.


TeachHUB Education Blog: A little of this, a little of that. This blog is another collection of great resources. It’s easy to navigate and useful in many areas of classroom life.


I’ll be adding these sites (and maybe a few more) to my blog roll later on, as I am still figuring out what this site is going to evolve into for me. Thanks for following along in my journey!

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