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Internet Safety Activities

on March 9, 2012

Students today are faced with a new set of safety needs that go beyond “don’t take candy from a stranger.” Our kids must learn to be safe in the digital age in which we live. Here are a few things that I have found that are awesome at starting to address some of these things.


Professor Garfield – This site uses the classic animated character, Garfield, and his friends to teach about cyberbullying. It is good for most elementary ages and is a great introduction to internet safety.



The FBI has an internet safety page for kids that has lots of excellent information and tips. This site, plus KidsHealth, is a great resource for older kids to use for research to create their own internet safety presentations, posters or PSA’s.


Netsmartz has a side variety of videos, information, and games for kids to teach about internet safety and general netiquette. They use catchy songs and cartoons to teach good practices online and offline.



Webonauts from PBSKids teaches the motto “Observe. Respect. Contribute.” as a mantra for internet safety and participation. Students work their way through Webonaut training, learning about internet safety through games and activities.


We don’t want parents or students to be afraid of being online, just like we don’t want them to be afraid of the world around them. We need them to be aware and safe, so that they can enjoy the awesome things that the internet has to offer! Of course, the best way to keep kids safe online is a free idea that can be done at home or at school. As you probably know, it’s called …. monitoring!



One response to “Internet Safety Activities

  1. My students love these–especially Webonauts. Good list.

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