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Sock Puppets App = LOVE

on March 10, 2012

I heard about the free app “Sock Puppets” while I was at NC TIES this week, and I had to come home and try it out with my own kiddos. They loved it! Here’s what they came up with…


So, as you know, an app has to be more than just fun and free for it to be used in the classroom. I started thinking about ways that I could see using the app in my classroom.  These clips can be up to 30 seconds, so in some way it is limiting. With Sock Puppets, students could possibly…

1. Do a short book review.

2. Act out “what might happen next” scenarios after you read a story or passage.

3. Interview a character or an animal as a mini-report.

4.  Build a quick “what did you learn today” segment for class.

5. Record your homework to your class website.


What else could you use fun, free app this for?

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