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Early Literacy Resources

on June 1, 2012




In the past few years, I have been working with teachers a lot on DIBELS assessments and then what to do with the information that they gather from their findings. I thought I’d share with you some of the websites that are my “go to” places for strategies, lessons and resources to address general and specific literacy needs, especially in the K-3 classroom.

Florida Center for Reading Research

  • To be honest, I can’t believe that resources on this site are free. The Instructional Resources section for teachers is AMAZING. There are hundreds of lesson plans and pre-made activities for students to address each of the strands of emergent literacy. I have downloaded and saved all of the PDFs for future reference because the activities are so good.




Free Reading

  • Free Reading is similar to the FCRR site because it offers lessons and activities that address the strands of reading and you can search by those strands.
  • Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Fluency, and Writing


Kathy Bumgardner Reading

  • I have to admit that the organization and layout of this site makes me a bit dizzy but the quality of the resources really makes up for the busy-ness.
  • I love the Think Clouds for my students to model and use metacognitive strategies while reading.
  • The fiction and non-fiction walks are also awesome.
  • In other words, just check it out!



The Reading Genie

  • So, this resource is really just a collection of more resources, but holy moly! You’re just going to have to hang out with the Reading Genie, but I especially love the tongue twisters section of this site.



Mrs. Perkins

  • Mrs. Perkins’ Dolch Words site has all of the dolch lists prepared in every format imaginable. It is such a time saver.
  • It’s also a great place to point parents to get the words to review with their kids at home!



  • With a name like “Sparklebox”, what isn’t there to love?
  • There are hundreds of interactive resources here that are perfect for whole group lessons or small groups. They are awesome in stations for individual students or on an interactive whiteboard.




Read Works

  • This site is new to me, but it looks great. I love how it is organized by topic and grade level. The material looks easy to navigate and easy to use with kids. I know what I will be doing this summer!

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