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Mad About Matisse

on June 3, 2012

One of my favorite units to do with my students focuses on different artists through history. I have been fortunate to work at schools where my students have received art instruction on a regular basis from highly qualified and passionate art teachers. One of the artists that I love and love to teach about is Henri Matisse.


I spend some time with my students learning about Matisse and his life. We also study his art a bit. I love to let the kids tell the stories that they imagine based on his paintings.

Here are some resources that I use to teach about him and his art…


One of my favorite periods in Matisse’s career was later when pain in his hands made it hard for him to hold a paintbrush. He turned to doing collages of torn paper. At the end of my days of Matisse learning, my students get to create their own Matisse-style art to share! Here are some my students did a few years ago.


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