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Spelling Activities

on June 3, 2012

I am loving this blog post from Mrs. Bainbridge’s Class where she shares her monthly spelling choice sheets. These are great and adaptable to anyone’s spelling list. They may be a bit “cute” for older students, but they will enjoy the activities – even if they don’t admit it. If nothing else, you could re-format the borders around the pages but still use the activities.


One response to “Spelling Activities

  1. I too love Mrs. Bainbridge’s Spelling Choice Sheets! I give my students a list of ideas at the beginning of their year in their Spelling Books (Composition Books) and they can then record what they did for homework inside. We also glue our lists to the pages inside. It is an easy way to keep students accountable for work and organized. Some of our favorite activities are rainbow words, word trees, and of course! If my students use a hands on activity I just have their parents write in what they did. Spelling City is great because I can store all of my leveled lists for my students to use:)
    The Schroeder Page

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