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First Days of School – My Classroom

on August 6, 2012

Robert the Reader hangs over my small group lesson area, remind students about things their brain is doing while they are reading.

My small group instruction area has a place to take notes, clipboards and dry erase boards handy, storage for student work and a place to keep group materials.

My sign in station greets students at the door. It reminds them to

“Be a STAR today!”

S – sign in

T – take time to organize for the day

A – attitude check

R – read any notes/directions on the board

My classroom library has all of our novels sorted by level and picture books sorted by topics. There is a “Book Return” box. My students help me to keep it organized by returning there so things can be re-shelved properly. I don’t have a “check out” system. We establish trust and responsibility and hope that our books get taken care of and returned in a timely manner!

I keep my desks in groups through the year, but I change my groups often. We share supplies with the buckets on each table to keep things readily accessible.




2 responses to “First Days of School – My Classroom

  1. Kim Collazo says:

    Hi Kelly! Glad to see you are settled into your new home! I LOVE your idea of the Book Return box! I have just spent a chunk of this summer sorting my fictions by level and non-fiction by subject and was a little anxious about how the kids would return things to the right bin! Your post is perfect timing – gonna make myself a Book Return box tomorrow! Hope to see you soon!

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