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Integrating the Arts

on October 25, 2012

At NCCTM today, I attended a session based on integrating the arts into the math classroom. I was so impressed with the presenting dance teacher’s express understanding of the math Common Core State Standards. She specifically designs lessons that help her students reinforce what they are learning and she used the phrase “visually, cognitively, and kinesthetically.” What if we approached every lesson this way?!

Here are some resources on integrated the arts into the regular classroom. Many of our students would benefit academically from our efforts to include elements like these in our teaching. I know we’d all have a lot more fun!


Music and Arts Integration Lessons – super easy, accessible and ready to go

Arts Edge – an exceptional, searchable resource from the Kennedy Center for the Arts

Math, Art, Fun – What more needs to be said?

Math in Art and Architecture

Links and Resources – from Education Closet


2 responses to “Integrating the Arts

  1. Hi, Im a student at the University of South Alabama. No disrespect intended, but I am a little confused on what the objective is. Are teachers thinking of dancing though a Math lesson??? If so I think that is cool!! I am a lover of dance and anti to the subject Math. If teacher are incorporating dance to math that will be so awesome and I would even think about changing my major from English Ed. to Math. Im looking forward to a reply so that I could learn more about this innovative idea.

    • Kelly Hines says:

      A presenter today was, in fact, a dance teacher. She has her students develop dances with a perimeter of 24. They might go back 4 steps, right 8 steps, forward 4 steps, and left 8 steps. They create different dances with the same perimeters and then compare the amount of area that different dances with a perimeter of 24 cover. I loved it! I am definitely going to incorporate similar ideas into future lessons. A music teacher that was with her talked about grabbing classical songs from the public domain and having kids write mathematical process lyrics to them. You tube is full of examples of these!

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