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Perry Who? Spying in the Revolution!

on October 25, 2012

Are you teaching about Colonial America and the Revolutionary War? Are you finding that your students aren’t quite as into it as you had hoped. Try talking “spies.” You’ll immediately have a fresh set of ears. The Revolutionary War was a great example of how the team with the best spies wins, and everyone was doing it. There are tons of excellent trade books out there for children of all ages, but I wanted to find some more resources. Here are a few of my favorites…

Spy Letters of the American Revolution – sections on sample letters, people of the Revolution, methods of spying, stories of spies and more

Spies and Scouts, Secret Writing, and Sympathetic Citizens – from the foundation at Colonial Williamsburg

Spies from the Revolution via eThemes

Spies – Ben Franklin did it too! (PBS)

Even the CIA admits there was  spying in the Revolution

So, take your lessons of spying beyond Benedict Arnold! Your kids will love it !

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