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Genre Posters & Ideas

on November 20, 2012


Are you looking for a set of full-color genre posters for your classroom? How about if they are free? Check out this awesome freebie from
“Think Share Teach”. Her blog is full of great ideas. Check them out!


I printed mine today and laminated them on 18″x24″ construction paper, with a large open space at the bottom. I am going to use my leftover book order forms for students to sort books based on reasonable predictions from the covers, authors and descriptions.  I will also let students write the titles of the books they are reading on small sticky notes and leave them on the right genre poster so we can track the types of books we are reading.
What could you do with these awesome printables?


One response to “Genre Posters & Ideas

  1. Hi Mrs. Hines!

    I think this a great idea and resource for teachers. I explored the “Think Share Teach” blog, and I found a lot of great ideas for the classroom there as well. Since I am studying to become a future teacher, I always appreciate finding as many resources possible from present teachers. I think posters are a great way for students to not only have fun in the classroom but to also learn a great deal of information. The posters will also add to the decorations of the classroom, so that is always a plus.

    My focus in college is on English, so I especially enjoyed your reference to the polka dot genre posters. It’s a great way for students to learn the different types of genres, and I really liked how you said students could put sticky notes on the genre they were reading so that they could keep up with who’s reading what. Thanks for this awesome post, Mrs. Hines! I look forward to reading many more of your wonderful ideas.

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