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Story Online

on February 10, 2013

Last night I posted a video of My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, as read on StoryOnline by Melissa Gilbert. A friend had shared the particular story with me, but I was excited to find all of the other offerings shared by StoryOnline on YouTube. I love a read aloud. I don’t care how old you are or how old your students are, they will love being read to. The only thing that changes from that story time moment as a young child is that they aren’t so ready to admit that they like it! Students can learn about reading, writing, listening and speaking with a well delivered read-aloud, and who better than professionals to share these?!

So, why a video read aloud? What does this offer? Here are a few reasons that I love this as an option…

1. If a student is absent, it’s a built in make up lesson that they can do on their own time (at home or at school).

2. I am freed up to walk around the room with my students, or I can just sit and model good listening skills. I can also pause the video and model meta-cognitive skills that good readers do.

3. It shows people they respect and admire as role models of being good readers. It proves that reading is important and that you can love reading, even if you are not a kid.

4. There are lots of men reading these books. In a situation where the elementary teaching profession is primarily women, I love that my students can hear a strong, passionate man share a great book and talk about how he, too, loves to read!

5. For reluctant readers, using videos of books is a  great way to teach reading skills, like story elements and mood, without the student having to struggle through words. They can master a concept and not have to be struggling with that and the reading, itself.

Here is another favorite. Check out Bad Case of Stripes!

But wait…

I know I’ve talked about it before, but if you are a subscriber to Discovery Education services, don’t miss out on the offerings by Weston Woods. The folks at Weston Woods Publishing have put together videos of some of their most beloved children’s books that are true to the integrity of the books. The best way to find these books is to just type “Weston Woods” in the search bar after you log in to your Discovery Education account. Good luck! And happy reading!


One response to “Story Online

  1. Emily Barnes says:

    I like the video read aloud books, too. It does show the kids that it’s ok for a man to like to read, too. I think it’s a great way to watch the kids and observe their listening skills. I’ll be using this in my classroom one day! Thank you for the links for the videos!

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