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Must See-Blossoming into Science

on February 20, 2013

If you loved “Blossom” or if you love “Big Bang Theory,” this video is for you. If you want to pursue seemingly contradictory passions, this video is for you. If you work with kids who are trying to find themselves and their places in the world, this is for you. If you believe that we all have the potential to be exactly who we want to be, this is for you to share!

2 responses to “Must See-Blossoming into Science

  1. Emily Barnes says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I love that she isn’t afraid of admitting that she loves science. This really gave me confidence to pursue my love for English.

  2. Bailey Baker says:

    Hello my name is Bailey Baker I attend University of South Alabama and I am in EDM 310.

    I like this video because I agree with her when she said women are more than one thing! I also really admire her to go for what she really loves to do. Even if it is more that one thing! It was also interesting knowing that all the formulas on “Big Bang Theory” are real because when i watch that show I really do wonder if it is! : )

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