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Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Matching Cards

on February 26, 2013

Right now, my fifth graders are learning about dividing fractions. We are focusing on dividing unit fractions by whole numbers and whole numbers by unit fractions. My kids are picking it up quickly and are even able to easily draw and connect the models to the algorithms for dividing fractions. Today, I gave each student 3 small sheets of paper (about half the size of an index card). They had to come up with their own problem and write it on one card, write the solution on another card, and draw a corresponding model on the third card. The girls put theirs all in one basket. The boys put theirs in another basket. I let them switch baskets and put together the equations, solutions and models. What great practice for them! The picture below shows some of their work. You can click on the one shown for more examples. The best part right now is that I have a full set of 23 dividing fractions matching cards to use as intervention and enrichment, and I didn’t have to make them!


photo 3

One response to “Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Matching Cards

  1. Emily Barnes says:

    I love this idea. I think this is a great way to help student’s learn and it’s even better that they are picking it up quickly. Thanks for this useful idea!

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