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4 Pics, 1 Word

on March 18, 2013

4 pics

Are you playing 4 Pics, 1 Word yet? It’s a free app available for iOS and Android, and the whole idea is to generate one word that would apply to all four of the pictures. I will admit it. I’m obsessed. As I was up playing last night, way past my bedtime, I kept thinking about ways that I could use this with my students. The game asks you to make connections, interpret pictures, find nuances, and have a grand command of vocabulary. How is this not awesome for kids?


So, how could I use this with kids?

  • They could make their own! This would be a great way to teach students about open source images and Creative Commons searches. If each student made their own based on a set of vocabulary words, you could display them as a “real” or virtual bulletin board for students to solve one another’s challenges.
  • Make some for your students based on their vocabulary words or spelling words, and they would have that list to use as a bit of a word bank.
  • Save the app on your own device, and put it under the document camera for all of your students to see and help you solve, especially when you are stuck in that moment of having 5 minutes before lunch or dismissal and you want to keep them busy.


I will make the quick disclaimer that I haven’t seen any inappropriate pictures, but I will not say that there aren’t any at all!

2 responses to “4 Pics, 1 Word

  1. meg Griffin says:

    Great idea Kelly. I was just introduced to this app this past weekend and agree that kids would love it!

  2. Margie Rogers says:

    There are a few pictures that imply things not age appropriate, but if you supervise carefully, you can move past those. I like the way it stretches your thinking to figure out the commonality. From another addict!

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