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Back to School – Class Websites

on August 3, 2013

As I’ve been building my student and parent surveys for the first days of school, I want to make sure that my class websites are up and running. I have a district mandated website that I have to keep. Policy states that it must be up-to-date and pretty uniform with the rest of my school. I’ve always had a hard time keeping this one current, when our activity was housed more on the blog. This year, I’m going to revamp things a bit.

My district website is going to be a landing page with contact information and links to our Twitter feed and 180 Days of Learning blog. This way, I really don’t have to “keep it up,” as it will just direct people to the more interactive elements of our learning space.

Screenshot (7)

The real “meat” of what we are doing will be at our learning space, our class blog. In an unconference session at DEN Summer Institute this year, Dean Shareski shared the idea of 180 Days of Learning as the theme for a blog or sharing space. I fell in love with this idea, and I’m going to adapt it as the focus on my blog this year. My goal is to have my students share at least one thing they have learned each day as a class. It may be an “a-ha” moment from throughout the day, or a closing activity for our day. It is my hope that students will, after modeling this for the first few weeks of school as a class, want to be the sharer for the day!

We will also continue to use the blog as a place for reflection, “show off” space, and more. But, I am most excited about the 180 days of learning that we are going to experience together!

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