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Coding Club

on December 21, 2013

I am so excited to announce that my principal has ok’d me to start a Bobcat Coding Club, which will be a two month after school experience to teach third through fifth graders the basics of computer programming. After participating in Hour of Code, my students were so excited that I knew I had to come up with a way to offer more! I can’t wait to share more about our journey! THIS is going to be our “curriculum”

Check out this video on why kids should learn, at very least, the basics of computer coding. Find more info at


3 responses to “Coding Club

  1. Wow Kelly, you and I are on the same wave-length. I also got approval from my principal to start an after school coding club for my 4th graders during the month of January. We will be using the same resource you mentioned in your post. We will need to stay in touch and compare notes.

  2. xiousgeonz says:

    It’s awesome when the students know that their enthusiasm is making things happen in their world.

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