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Teaching Idioms?

Check out this awesome comic from a recent Sunday newspaper! I can’t wait to share this with my students. I’ll be interested to see how many of them “get it.”


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Haiku Deck of State Symbols

In January, the 5th graders in my school will be researching the state symbols of our 50 states in order to create commemorative stamps of each of the states. I love the idea of using Haiku Deck as a way to share their findings and get artistic inspiration!

haiku deck

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Hour of Code

Hour of Code

This week, my students participated in Hour of Code. Tonight, it was my turn.

Check out more information and the challenges HERE!

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Holiday Padlet

I love that I could embed the exported version of this since I couldn’t get the Padlet embed code to play nicely. Here’s my Padlet in its original form!

padlet hines

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Smore Christmas Fun

Today, our tech challenge was to check out – a site for creating and publishing online newsletters. Check out what I created…


smore holiday

Here are a few tips I found for using S’MORE! 

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Tech Challenge

I am participating in a holiday tech challenge, and I’m hoping to post my “accomplishments” here as a way to motivate my blogging habits!

Challenge One: Create word art of your favorite holiday carol… What Child Is This? has always been my favorite!

Screenshot (9)

Options: Wordle or Tagexdo


BAM! Radio and DEN Zone and Me

I am excited to have been featured on Discovery Educator Network’s DEN Zone podcast recently, with “Trying Something New.” Check out this link to hear from me, my student, and my principal. Check it out!


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