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BC2: Organizational Tip

on January 2, 2014

flyt-magazine-file__18520_PE103469_S4Magazine sorters. These are my best friends! You can pick them up at any big box store, especially this time of year. I actually prefer the cardboard ones. They last for several years and fit better onto bookshelves than the plastic ones. I’ve seen directions fro turning cereal boxes into these types of sorters that I’ve been wanting to try out. Maybe this is the year. Here are some ways that I use them…

1. Genre sorting my picture books for students to read. Those thin picture books won’t stay neatly on a shelf, no matter what. The boxes are perfect for sorting with genre labels. They stack on top of the book shelf, leaving additional room for my novels. They also make browsing the books simple!

2. Professional books. I have lots of teacher resource books that can overwhelm my own shelf at my desk. I have individual boxes for different themes of books. For example, I have all of my Words Their Way resources in one box. I have Guided Reading resource materials in another. My fraction books are in one box, while my geometry books are in another. It makes it so much easier for me to find what I’m seeking when I’m only looking for an initial category, rather than having to scan tons of tiny book spines.

3. Student materials. I’ve even even used these in the past for student materials. Each student had their own box, where they kept their folders, SSR book, notebooks, etc. The materials were much more organized than when they get crammed into student desks.


How do you organize? 



5 responses to “BC2: Organizational Tip

  1. I am also a big fan of those sorters! They are great for helping students organize, but I like the way you use them to organize your teacher resources too! I have wanted to try making some from cereal boxes too. Maybe we can get together and try that!

  2. I use a file folder box with 31 folders numbered 1-31. They correspond to each day of the month. Any extra copies of worksheets or papers handed out on a particular day get dropped into the corresponding day. For example: On the tenth day of the month, extra papers are dropped in the folder numbered 10. Then when a student is absent, they check the correct folder for any extra papers.

  3. I have used magazine sorters to sort papers by periods. They are very useful.
    I have Classroom helpers to help with organizing.

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