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Blogging Challenge Encouragement

on January 2, 2014

Are you taking the Blogging Challenge?

And follow along with others who have taken the challenge…

8 responses to “Blogging Challenge Encouragement

  1. Jessica says:

    I started writing the first blog post on my laptop last night. Then today I finished it on my iPad Blogger app and saved it to drafts. However, the stuff I wrote on my iPad today is not showing up in the draft on any of my other devices and my iPad is at school and I am cursing a lot. So, feel free to visit and my blog, which will have the first entry second and the second entry first. Ironically the topic is organization. Fail.

  2. Linda Wallin says:

    I wanted to start my blog on the 1st. It’s the 2nd. You’ve caught my interest.

  3. carlabeard says:

    I blogged for a couple of years, and then I got away from it. Thanks for this encouragement to try again!

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  5. […] one of everyone’s posts. Argh.I’m also checking out the list you’ve added to HERE on our encouragement page. Again, if you haven’t signed up yet, go for it! I promise that no one will seek you out if […]

  6. […] Find a complete list of others who signed up for the Blogging Challenge HERE! […]

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