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BC4: This Week in Learning

on January 5, 2014

OK, so I didn’t quite plan this one right as I was spacing out the blog challenge. I’m not back to school yet! I’m certainly not complaining, but I am looking forward to Monday with my students. I’ve missed them lots! As I’m reviewing my plans for next week, I am going to be starting a unit on Myths, Legends, Folktales, and more. There are three of us who teach 5th grade at my school, and we do all of our planning together. We create our ELA units, and we often do a “rotation system.” At the start of the unit, we plan everything (homework, reading passages, writing lessons, grammar mini-lessons, technology activities, extra reading materials, and whatever else we would need). We break the unit into chunks, and we create a box with all of the materials needed for each chunk. We, then, rotate the boxes weekly (or bi-weekly). This saves us on copies, texts, materials, and more. We are doing this for our new ELA unit, and I am starting with Mythology. Yay!

medium_4838866948I thought today that I would share a few of my favorite resources for teaching mythology! This is an awesome unit to bring in the use of art as media. Ancient art was the storyteller, and it’s representations were like books. What an amazing story telling medium. I like to let my students create story telling urns of their own lives. They truly learn about choosing important events and figuring out how to represent them carefully but simply.

StoryNory offers free audio stories for kids. They are typed  and recorded, so they are perfect for students who need stories read aloud for access.

Mr. Donn’s Website offers tons of resources on Greek and Roman gods, including a comparison breakdown. offers a concise “crash course” on the Gods of Olympus, and there are other great photo galleries and resources to teach in more detail. Note: Beware of Cupid’s “black box”.

photo credit: 5telios via photopin cc

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