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BC7: Classroom Management

on January 8, 2014

TUM398Most of the time when people, especially in pre-service and initial teacher trainings, are equating classroom management with discipline. While discipline is a part of management, it is not the whole thing. In fact, the more actual management this is happening, the less likely of a need for discipline. In my mind, classroom management is about organization. Students who are engaged in learning and know classroom routines and procedures are more likely to stay on task with learning targets.


One way popular way to facilitate student responsibility is with classroom jobs. Here’s the thing. I can’t ever remember who is supposed to do what and when and where. I tried for years to keep up with different roles. I gave up on that last year, and I haven’t been more pleased. I simply have a STUDENT OF THE DAY. The student of the day runs errands, leads the line, collects and dispenses materials, and does pretty much whatever other jobs we might need for the day. They even get a special chair for the day! If you can’t keep up with who is supposed to do what each day, try having a student of the day. It works for me!

One response to “BC7: Classroom Management

  1. I agree … it is more about organization that discipline!

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