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Blogging Challenge

blogging challenge




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6 responses to “Blogging Challenge

  1. […] Follow along with others who are participating by searching #BC20!  […]

  2. […] a bit of a hiatus, I’m trying to get back to blogging.  I read about a 20 Day Blogging Challenge on Free Technology for Teachers blog, so I thought I’d give it a […]

  3. I’ve been seeing in Twitter and WordPress a “blogging challenge” and bc# and wondered where the challenge originated. I finally found it, here. Thanks, Kelly. I’ve lost touch with your tweets somehow, and am glad to see you are still leading us!

  4. […] In the Trenches by Kelly Hines […]

  5. hollykaann says:

    Great challenge, my sister has started blogging using this and I think it is awesome. I am grateful for all you teachers out there!

  6. […] I would like to share a book that I have used in class as a connection to genetics. The book, The Spirit of Lo, is a wonderful read and a true story written by Terry and Don Detrich. Terry and Don are Lauren’s or Lo’s parents. Lo has cystic fibrosis. You will definitely need a box of tissues as you read this book. The book was a great addition to the science classroom as it gave a face to a genetic disorder discussed in class from the science viewpoint. Now, students are learning about genetics, but they are getting a real vicarious experience from the viewpoint of the parents, Lo’s sister and Lo. What is also really neat about the book, is it is written when Lo was my student’s age, 13-14. They can directly relate to her experiences. The book also does a wonderful job of defining the cause of cystic fibrosis and the related symptoms and toll it takes in the body and family. I believe any activity  in English with their freshman reading list can be done with the nonfiction book, The Spirit of Lo. A social connection can be made about the cost insurance and the red tape that families deal with to navigate medical costs. In addition, a service learning connection can be made as Lo herself is a wonderful fundraiser for cystic fibrosis from a young age. The sky is the limit with this book and the relative connections the classroom can make to the world in which we live. […]

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