In the Trenches

Thoughts and Ideas from a Classroom Teacher

Professional Development

Tech in Ten – NCSTA 2012

Ten, or more, things you can do with your students in ten minutes, or less

Totally Tangrams – NCCTM 2012

Constructing knowledge while constructing tangrams

Day to Day with Discovery – NC TIES 2012

Use your Discovery Education account to its fullest every day

Flip Cams & Other Fun – BCS 2010

Tips and tricks for using Flip Cams & other free webbased applications to make learning fun & meaningful

Skype in Schools – NCAIS 2010

Tips and tricks for using Skype to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond

Going Global with Elementary Students – NC TIES 2010

Creating global learning opportunities for elementary classrooms

Bringing Interactivity to Your Interactive Whiteboard – NCSTA 2009

Tips and tricks for using your IWB to create interactive learning experiences for your students

Science Teacher as Science Learner – NCSTA 2009

Using social media to be a better science learner, leader and teacher

Creating STEM Mini-Units – k12 Online 2010

Tips and Tricks for Creating a STEM Mini-Unit for the Regular Classroom

Web 2 Point What? – NCCTM 2010 

Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Instruction in the K-12 Math Classroom 

Using Google Docs – NCCTM 2010 

Google Docs Does Data 

Getting SMART with SMARTBoards – WRESA 2010 

Bringing Interactivity to Your IWB 

Web 2.0 Is Not About Spiders– NCSTA 2010

Using Free Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Bringing Learning to Life– NCSTA 2010

Using Discovery Education and Google Earth in the Classroom

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