In the Trenches

Thoughts and Ideas from a Classroom Teacher

Professional Development

Tech in Ten – NCSTA 2012

Ten, or more, things you can do with your students in ten minutes, or less

Totally Tangrams – NCCTM 2012

Constructing knowledge while constructing tangrams

Day to Day with Discovery – NC TIES 2012

Use your Discovery Education account to its fullest every day

Flip Cams & Other Fun – BCS 2010

Tips and tricks for using Flip Cams & other free webbased applications to make learning fun & meaningful

Skype in Schools – NCAIS 2010

Tips and tricks for using Skype to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond

Going Global with Elementary Students – NC TIES 2010

Creating global learning opportunities for elementary classrooms

Bringing Interactivity to Your Interactive Whiteboard – NCSTA 2009

Tips and tricks for using your IWB to create interactive learning experiences for your students

Science Teacher as Science Learner – NCSTA 2009

Using social media to be a better science learner, leader and teacher

Creating STEM Mini-Units – k12 Online 2010

Tips and Tricks for Creating a STEM Mini-Unit for the Regular Classroom

Web 2 Point What? – NCCTM 2010 

Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Instruction in the K-12 Math Classroom 

Using Google Docs – NCCTM 2010 

Google Docs Does Data 

Getting SMART with SMARTBoards – WRESA 2010 

Bringing Interactivity to Your IWB 

Web 2.0 Is Not About Spiders- NCSTA 2010

Using Free Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Bringing Learning to Life- NCSTA 2010

Using Discovery Education and Google Earth in the Classroom

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